Workpackage 6: Socio-economic implications

Exploring the socio-economic implications of the phenomena we are studying is an integral component of the project. The results of StratoClim could be transformational for our understanding of anthropogenic changes in the composition of the upper troposphere and stratosphere and their impact on climate. In order to ensure that the maximum benefit is gained from the scientific research performed, the project consortium will include the assessment of relevant socio-economic aspects as an integral component of StratoClim.

To achieve this we will ensure that the wider implications of two specific aspects of StratoClim research are examined in a broad context. First, the socio-economic impacts of a change in the winter-time surface climate (e.g. frequency in extreme cold periods caused by stratospheric changes) in Europe will be evaluated (WP 5). Second, the effects of changes in Asian monsoon precipitation patterns will be assessed, particularly the role of changing anthropogenic sulfur or particle emissions on it.

These goals will be achieved using stakeholder fora and multi-disciplinary expert panels to synthesise the results from StratoClim with existing socio-economic tools and results. The target audience will be the climate and climate impact communities (researchers and policy makers). Better predictions of extreme events reduce the uncertainties; hence policy makers can aim for more targeted mitigation and adaptation policies.

StratoClim partners will use existing strong contacts to work with on the European study. In SE Asia, we will additionally link into the project "SUSTAIN EU-ASEAN, Sustain and enhance cooperation on sustainable development between Europe and Southeast Asia" (coordinated by WI). This project can provide access to local researchers and stakeholders in the region. Using this link will ensure that results are accessible to regional researchers and that potential uptake partners in ASEAN countries are made aware of the potentials. SUSTAIN EU-ASEAN provides a structural basis for the stake-holder dialogues of the StratoClim projects and will aim to provide targeted input into decision making processes based on the StratoClim project's findings. A peer-reviewed assessment will be produced on the importance of the UTS for climate and climate impacts with the two highlighted aspects used as examples.