StratoClim Open Science meeting

22-24 May 2019

Potsdam, Germany

Stratospheric and upper tropospheric processes
for better climate predictions


The main objective of the StratoClim project was to produce more reliable projections of climate change and stratospheric ozone by a better understanding the representation of key processes in the Upper Troposphere and Stratosphere (UTS). This was achieved by an integrated approach bridging observations from dedicated field activities, process modelling on all scales, and global modelling with a suite of chemistry climate models (CCMs) and Earth system models (ESMs).

One of the main components of the project was the Asian Monsoon aircraft campaign, a unique airborne field measurement campaign to supply, for the first time ever, data on the coupling of the Asian Summer Monsoon with the global and local climate system.

The Open Science meeting will present the first results from the Asian Monsoon aircraft campaign and introduce the results of numerical simulations with a range of atmosphericmodels, in particular global Earth-System Models (ESMs) and global Chemistry-Climate Models (CCMs), quantifying the depletion/recovery of the stratospheric ozone layer and evaluating connections between the stratospheric ozone layer, climate and surface weather patterns.


Detailed agenda, including list of speakers and poster presentations, will become available here closer to the meeting.


The meeting will be held at Haus H at the campus Albert Einstein in Telegrafenberg in Potsdam, right outside the city of Berlin in Germany. More information on the venue and how to get there, please see here